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Hello to all!

You see the little lantern I did? How cute is that :-p ! Well you can do your own by clicking on the lantern and send it to Copenhagen to represent your voice. You can choose the shape, the color of the lantern and the color of the flame! You can also put some motifs on it. Very nice and easy to do. You then can turn it into an avatar easily by simply resizing it like I did.

Every voice is needed as we need to make them understand that We Have to Act! . We cannot have the luxury of postponing anything concerning environment! Plus, think of "who are the ones who always pushed back any move toward Nature"? Who?
We may think it's not us, and we'd be right, but not totally. We are the ones big industries rely on to work. We helped by not doing anything on our side.

"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages." Henry Ford

No consumers, no industries. Everytime we buy something is like a vote. What did you voted?

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." Henry Ford

Funny it is him who said that, but he is right anyway. Anyone who refuses to act because it looks like we are not much to do it is holding us back! So if you are lazy, well just join because the more we are, the easier it is!

Take good care of yourself, and VOTE EARTH! ;-)

If you are on Twitter, you can follow Earth Hour.org here: Earth Hour's Twitter


It's hip to be fair square!

Hello/Bonjour people!

I hope you are doing well. Here are some great fair icons I've found. Mostly "Green" stuff, with one exception for an "Animal Welfare" one at the end, but not the least! ^_^

On the next posts, I'll be regrouping some promotion items I took from various websites, but usually they don't have that much and that's part of why I started this community.
Especially the "Animals Matter To Me" website that I keep at heart, it has a great value to me but they haven't put really much for us to promote them and I believe that Icons have a big promotion potential, and as LiveJournal users we all know that!

Thanks to all the makers of those icons!

Take care all!


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Fair Squares from others

Hello! Hope you are well ^_^.

This is the first best-of batch of environmental and animal welfare icons! I thought they were worth showing off again. :-D


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Hello everybody! This is a new community called "Icons That Matter'.

I started this community with [info]staticsolace and thank her for the help she brought. Thank you again.

This community is about making icons that cares but in a new way. To make it pleasant and normal to present such avatar even in a pop music community for instance, where you rarely see such a thing. And I think that it is too bad we feel embarrassed to present this kind of icon, thinking it will be considered annoying. But is it?


I invite everyone to join and start to make icons that care in general.
We can also make a compilation, with due credit, of icons we find here and there.

Personally, I am a Britney Spears fan who cares about the earth. Both are not incompatible at all!
I love nature, but am I a hippie? No.
Am I a "Tree Hugger"? No. Well... okay, actually I wouldn't mind hugging a tree. ;-D
Do I want to be careful about what I do? Yes.
I have to be aware of what I use and the consequences it can have on nature, me, and others. I feel that liking nature is not quite popular and I wonder why.
But what's setting the example? Where in the media? Politics, celebrities, movies, music, etc. Every time people see something about nature they feel like they have to give up on something. But that's not true; they may have to adapt, but that's it.

It might be that people may want to care about nature but are scared to look stupid by being one of the rare people who do so. It's not bling bling, it's not 50 cent driving with hot chicks, so they're going to look different and weird, and of course no one wants to feel that way. So undirectly this makes nature uncool. But is it really?
You may not be a fan of it and that's ok, you don't have to be; only remember you're living on earth and what you do to it or don't do is going affect you one way or another.
Responsibility. Adaptation. Respect. Loyalty. Those are words, among others, we should remember. I want to show that I care about nature without having to feel guilty or weird.
So that's why this community has been set. We all want to change something for the better so why not add a modern spin to it?

Nature, in general, is the main aim of this community but anyone can come and share their compassion for something. You just have to care. :-)
We show different parts of ourselves through icons; they are the ambassadors of who we are, or want to be. So lets express the caring part of us. :-) With no fear.

Join now, and start showing that nature/caring matters!

THANK YOU, truly...

Now, Make it work ;-p !